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Total Site Management

For Printers & Embroiderers

For a monthly fee, Insync will manage your website so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best - Decorating your garments!

Take Online Orders

With LaunchPad3, you are able to take online orders and automatically load all products from major distributors. It comes with over 2500 pre-loaded products, allowing you to add any products from suppliers and add them into correct categories.

Advanced Order Processing

From the customer visiting your site or calling to order right through to that customer receiving their goods from you, our advanced order processing system will help you every step of the way. Accounting, purchasing, goods in management, design application management, external service suppliers and any printed paperwork you may require are all included.

Automated Paperwork

LaunchPad3 allows you to quickly and easily generate paperwork for your orders. Works orders, delivery notes and invoices are created as you go so you don't have to spend time in a different program. To make things even easier, LaunchPad3 upload all your invoices to your accounts software, in seconds, rather than wasting your valuable time entering it all manually.

Send Quotes at the Click of a Mouse

LaunchPad3 allows you to quickly and easily send comprehensive, professional quotes to your customers! Your customer records, quotes and orders are all in the same place for easy access and record finding.


  • The Upfront Fee
  • A one off upfront fee to get you started
  • £500
  • The very low priced up front fee gets you your website - bespoke designed by one of our designers with your setup, your chosen suppliers and products all set up and ready for use.
  Basic Advanced
Features Total Website Management fee for the basic service Total Website Management fee for the advanced service
  £30/month £85/month
Online ordering
Fully hosted web application with unlimited bandwidth
Custom domain names
Support service
Search engine optimisation
More than 3500 catalogue products
Product management
Automated invoices
Automated delivery notes
Customer management Basic Advanced
Quick quote system Basic Advanced
Online training 15 minutes 30 minutes
Order process management
Automated purchasing
Booking management
Customisable application processes
Item and service supplier management
Upcoming features
Reports suite
Design library
Affiliate shops
Sage/Accounts export

The LaunchPad3 Demo!

Full featured online demo

Would you rather take a look around first to see what is going on? Simply provide us with your email address and a telephone number to gain access to our full featured front-end website demo. If you'd like to see what the back-end administration area is capable of, you can get in touch to arrange a one to one, online guided tour.


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LaunchPad3 in Detail

What It Does For You

LaunchPad3 comes with over 2500 pre-loaded products. A substantial benefit is that you can add any products from any supplier and put them into the correct category. For example, if you want to add a Jerzees polo shirt, you can add it into the polo shirt section and it will sit with all the other brands of Polo shirts. No need to have 2 separate brochures any more. You can set your own pricing uplifts based on the price you pay for a product. The ecommerce version is just the start. LaunchPad3 will grow with your business. You can add on modules that will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your business, LaunchPad3 can be set up in just one hour.

LP3 is a website designed for the promotional industry, which we give to our customers free of charge, it allows your customers to order personalised products online. Visitors can view your products, add designs, get quotes, check out, and if required pay online for their personalised product. When you download LP3 you get your own standalone website. There is no link to the Cottonridge site and Cottonridge do not make any charges to you for your new site.

Summary of what LP3 can do for you

  • LP3 can provide you with a professional website, allowing your customers to browse 1000s of products pre-installed from the suppliers of your choice.
  • Your customers can order a product, upload a logo, pay online (optional) and see a proof of the product they have ordered.
  • You are able to create delivery notes and invoice at point of dispatch
  • You can quote customers and send PDF proof in seconds. You can send design quotes in literally seconds.
  • LP3 upgrades to full order processing if you choose to.
  • You can place orders through Launchpad 3 received by phone, fax or email in seconds. You can place and receive orders 24 hours a day.
  • You can set up your website in 10 minutes using LP3's quick and easy set up wizard.
  • You are easily able to control your jobs that you send to your printers/embroiderers
  • You can see profits and margins per job per day/week/month/year for your business


  • Online ordering
  • Fully hosted web application
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Custom domain names
  • Support service
  • Quick quote system
  • Search engine optimisation
  • More than 3500 catalogue products
  • Product management
  • Automated invoices
  • Automated delivery notes

To see features for the Advanced LP3 edition, please click here to see our pricing table and features!

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LaunchPad3 Terms & Conditions


These are the terms and conditions that govern your usage of the LaunchPad3 (LP3) service provided by Insync Software Solutions (Insync).

Our Address

Our company address is Insync Software Solutions c/o MAS Associates, Spear House, Cobbett Road, Burntwood, Staffordshire, WS7 3GL

1. Definitions

In these terms the following expressions shall apply unless context requires otherwise.

Agreement date: The date the outlined on the production agreement
Start Date: The date the service goes live after completion of the initial set up work
The Software: The proprietary LP3 software created by Insync
Services: The Basic or Advanced services that are chosen by you at point of sign up
Service Level: The performance and features to be provided to you outlined at
Basic Version: The Basic service level outlined at
Advanced Version: The Advanced service level outlined at
Service Downtime: A period of time during which there is a total loss of services
Service Interruption: A period of time during which there is a partial loss of services
Front End: The customer facing, publicly accessible portion of the software
Back End: The administration portion of the software
The Client: You, the person who signs the Production Agreement
Administrator: A person who works for/with the client and uses the back end functionality of the software
Users: Customers of the client who use the front end functionality of the software
Your Data: All data provided by the client, administrators or users for processing by the software
FileStore: A file storage service that forms part of the advanced service

2. The Production Agreement

The production agreement is an outline of what to expect from us upon signup and forms part of these terms and conditions. By signing the production agreement, you are agreeing to pay the upfront fee outlined below and are accepting the terms outlined in both the production agreement and these terms and conditions.

3. Service Levels

Clients can expect the following:

  • A minimum of 98% uptime in any given calendar year excluding any downtime issues beyond our control
  • A standard lead time of 28 days from the signing of the production agreement to completion of website and go live
    • This is subject to confirmation from Insync and can be altered as part of the production agreement.
    • This is also subject to information, feedback, any digital files or any other items or details requested of or from the client being provided to Insync in a timely manner.

4. Fees

The LaunchPad3 platform is sponsored by The Hooded Top Company Ltd and as such all fees are subsidised. Because of this, all Cottonridge branded items are to be permanently available on each LaunchPad3 powered website.

4.1 The Upfront Fee

The upfront fee is to be made in full before the commencement of any work by Insync and forms your first obligation to these terms and conditions. The upfront fee can be paid by FPS/BACS transfer or credit / debit card and will cover:

  • Bespoke website design based around your requirements and existing platform capabilities and functionality.
    • Certain visual elements of dynamic pages are governed by the platform and cannot be changed without significant changes to the platform. If any design changes are required to these elements, additional development costs may be incurred.
  • Product system setup consisting of Suppliers, categories, products and cost pricing included in our standard library of suppliers.
    • Any changes or additions beyond what is supplied in the standard library is an additional service that may incur additional costs to the client.

4.2 Rental Fee

The rental fee is to be made monthly or annually for the period outlined beginning the day after the rental fee invoice is generated. The rental fee can be paid by credit / debit card or direct debit and will cover:

  • Web hosting and unlimited data bandwidth
  • Any maintenance, upgrades and updates to the core platform functionality
  • An online training course with one of our technicians relevant to the subscribed service level
  • A fixed 30 minutes of technical support per month
  • Relevant service features as outlined at

Failure to pay the rental fee by the payment date outlined in the production agreement will result in a temporary withdrawal of service until the outstanding balance is paid up.

The rental fee is subsidised due to sponsorship by Cottonridge.

4.3 Data fees

The advanced service includes the FileStore file storage service. As part of this, clients will receive one gigabyte (1Gb) of file storage within this area of the platform. Going over this limit will incur an additional charge to be billed monthly at a rate of two pence (£0.02 GBP) per one megabyte (1Mb) of storage at the maximum usage quantity for the preceding month. The data fee can be paid by credit / debit card or will be covered by an active rental fee direct debit.

Failure to pay the data fee by the payment required date in each individual data bill will result in a temporary withdrawal of service until the outstanding balance is paid up.

5. Data

5.1 User Data

All data provided by a client, administrator or user of the platform with regards to user data is considered confidential property of the client. Such data will never be shared with any third parties and is only ever accessible by a small team of database engineers for the purpose of development, maintenance or repairs in the event of any issues.

5.2 Client Data

Client data provided at point of sign up by the client is considered confidential property of Insync and will be shared with our sponsor; Cottonridge.

6. Cancellations

Cancellation of this agreement prior to the start date is effected within 2 working days of receipt of written confirmation of cancellation by email to Refunds for the upfront fee will be issued minus any compensation for setup works already completed by Insync which is reviewed on a case by case basis.

Cancellation of this agreement after the start date is effected within 28 days of receipt of written notice of cancellation by email to Any period paid for by the client in advance will be refunded at a daily rate for each full day in that billing period after the cancellation has been effected. The daily rate for this is calculated as follows:

Rental cost multiplied by 12 months divided by 365 days. On 11/02/2016 this equates to:
Basic service: £0.49 (GBP) per day
Advanced service: £2.79 (GBP) per day

Upon cancellation, user data outlined in section 5.1 as belonging to the client will be retained for a period of 12 calendar months after which it will then be destroyed. This data can be provided to the client within this period as a digital file in excel of PDF format upon request subject to the current Data File fee outlined at Client data outlined in section 5.2 as belonging to Insync will be retained indefinitely.

7. Reactivations

Providing Insync still hold the data for a given client, a service can be reactivated after cancellation for the current Reactivation fee outlined at and is subject to re-acceptance of these terms and conditions and signature of a reactivation agreement that will also outline the new service level.


All fees are charged at the rates outlined below unless agreed separately in advance within the production agreement or in writing from a member of our management team. All fees are shown excluding VAT.

Fee Amount Frequency
Upfront fee £500 One off
Basic service fee £30 Monthly
Advanced service fee £85 Monthly
Data file fee £150 One off
Reactivation fee £100 One off
SSL Certificate fee £60 Yearly
Product data upload fees
Number of Items 1 2-5 6-10 11 - 20 21 - 50 51 - 100 101 - 500 501 - 999 1000 +
Price £5 £15 £25 £35 £55 £75 £100 £200 £250